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Monday, January 6, 2014

[2014... the year of celebration!]

I can't believe it. 10 years in business. Who would have thought that my little "project" back when the babies were born would turn into a way of living. 

2014 is my year of celebration! An entire decade of understanding the hows and whys of ORDER; and then translating that into manageable pieces for my clients.  I've learned about how to help people, about your needs and most about myself. My focus for 2014 is to give back.

Now, you don't want to miss out... There will be lots of ways to take advantage... 

The first thing you might want to do is subscribe to my newsletter (hint: you can do it right here to the right). Here, I will be sharing each month fun tips, prize opportunities and giveaways. I love to have fun!

Secondly, follow my on Facebook. I will be sharing lots of product ideas and tops on Facebook in addition to my eNews... but be warned... Facebook is a time sucker... If Facebook is too much and you prefer the 30 characters or less... check me out on Twitter.

Lastly... if you need visual inspiration. Pinterest is your go-to. I am going to be creating some new boards this year that will focus on... well, organizing.. products, inspiration, motivation etc.

It's going to be a great year! I'm looking forward to sharing with you... before we get crazy, let me ask... 

what do you want from this year of giving?

Friday, January 3, 2014

Friday Find: Organizing Your Club Cards

Last week, we made the trip into Portland to do the typical holiday returns. We spent the afternoon going from store to store making returns, exchanges while taking advantage of the post-holiday sales. 

When planning for that type of trip into Portland, there are so many things to remember.. gift receipts, shopping lists and most of all - the right club/reward(or frequent shopper) cards. I'm not a big fan of those types of cards. It's just one more step in the shopping process that you have to take to save money or be rewarded for shopping in a specific store. I know you can often manage those accounts with a phone number, but not always... or worse. You have to have the card with you. 

Enter my new favorite app: CardStar

This free app manages EVERYTHING that has a bar code. You can load your grocery club cards, rewards programs, library cards, family savings cards... if it's got a bar code, you can load in the number and your card is there. It's so easy to use...

1. Open the app.
2. Find your card.
3. Scan your card...

and your done. Simplify the reward redemption process AND lighten your load in your wallet! 

Have a favorite app to organize your life?